Whatsminer M30S  88Th/s  power consumption of 3268W btc miner

Whatsminer M30S 88Th/s power consumption of 3268W btc miner

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Expected Shipment Duration for Equipment is 8 weeks.

One time installation fee is $25/unit
Monthly Maintenance fee is $10/unit

We can offer hosting service to the units in our data center in USA, Canada, Middle East and Suramerica:

Power Consumption

1-100 KW

100-200 KW

200-300 KW

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300-500 KW

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Our data center has two independent fiber optic up-links along with a third layer of wireless reserves which eliminates downtime due to lack of communication.

Uninterrupted network operation is at least 97-98% Uninterrupted power supply is at least 97-98%

The average equipment uptime is at 97-98%


Our specialists carry out routine maintenance of clients machines, keeping them clean and monitoring mining equipment control of current conductors using a thermal imaging device as well as routine visual inspections by certified technicians. These proactive measures insure our clients will get the maximum lifetime out of their mining equipment.


Monitoring and support provided by on site technicians with 24/7 customer support.


Manufacturer MicroBT
Model Whatsminer M30S
Release April 2020
Size 150 x 225 x 390mm
Weight 10500g
Chip boards 3
Chip name Samsung
Chip size 8nm
Chip count 444
Noise level 72db
Fan(s) 2
Power 3268W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 - 35 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %