Access Control Reader 3nStar TA040 Black Silver

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• TFT color screen with GUI interface
• TCP / IP interface and USB host
• Includes time and attendance software •
Access control capability • Built-
in Excel SSR software
• Equipped with battery backup
• Multiple languages
• Easy management and scalability

The TA040 is an elegant and innovative IP biometric terminal designed to manage employee attendance and control door access. It supports the connection of an electric lock and exit button as well as being equipped with a backup battery to continue operating in the event of a power outage. It is possible to manage it over the network through its TCP / IP interface and it has a USB port for manual data transfer using a USB memory or to export the attendance report in Excel format. The TA040 incorporates the fastest and most accurate 3nStar fingerprint identification algorithm, offering excellent performance, stability and reliability.