Accubanker AB7100 mixed banknote counter 1200 banknotes per minute Banknote stop UV - MG - IR - DD - MT.

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- MIX: Counts mixed denominational bills within the same bundle. Gives a breakdown by denomination, total bills counted, and total value.

- COUNT: A simple count of bills. The total value is not calculated here but it is a useful function for poor quality bills that may have heavy wear and tear or to count bills of another currency.

- SORT:  Counts bills of the same denomination by recording the denomination of the first bill. The unit will then check the rest of the bills in the stack to make sure they are of the same denomination. The unit will stop the count and alert the user when a bill of a different denomination is found. Allowing the user to remove the bill and continue with the count.

- LOCAL: Conducts a simple count of the number of bills. Total value is not calculated. This function is normally used for local currencies and can be customized for the security features of the local currency through software updates, upon request.